Busy Bees - Enchanted Woodland

Week 1 - Goldilocks and the Three Bears
This week we welcomed the new Busy Bees to class. It has been a pleasure to watch them come in each day smiling and ready to learn! The year 1 Busy Bees have made them feel incredibly welcome. 
Each Reception child has been allocated a buddy in Year 1. Their buddy has done a great job at helping them settle in. They have been busy showing them where to go, completing challenges together in class and being a friendly face!
Reception have loved exploring their new environment!
Our focus for this week has been 'Goldilocks and the three bears.' To celebrate having the full class together we had a 'Teddy bears picnic' on Thursday which everyone agreed was great fun. We played teddy bear themed games, made masks and very much enjoyed sharing a picnic together! We did not let the miserable weather spoil our fun!
Year 1 were also very busy in the afternoons conducting science experiments exploring changes of state, properties of materials and using lots of scientific vocabulary!
Week 2 -The Three Little Pigs
This week we have been learning about 'The Three Little Pigs.' 
We have used talk for writing to retell the story, created story maps, built houses, drawn pictures of the houses/characters 
Year 1 had the challenge of designing and building their own houses. After exploring the strength/properties of materials everyone agreed that they wanted bricks and cement! The only problem was the bricks and cement were not delivered so we had to source alternatives!
We tested our houses from wind (the Big Bad Wolf) and from flooding too!
Only two houses stood firm and kept the three pigs dry! We talked about the reasons why.
In maths year 1 have been revising number bonds to 10. Reception amongst assessments are looking at matching numerals to quantities.
Week 3 - The Gingerbread Man
We have had a very busy week learning the story of the 'The Gingerbread Man.'
On Monday we had two challenges. Our first challenge was to explore weighing and combining ingredients to make yummy gingerbread which we then shared in class. Our second challenge was to build a bridge for the Gingerbread Man to cross the river.
Our bridges had to be strong enough to hold the Gingerbread Man and firm enough to stand on their own. We worked in teams and had to choose our materials carefully. 
Reception have been busy matching the sounds they can hear in words to pictures then attempting to form the graphemes.
Year 1 have been busy thinking about 'who/what/why/where/when' and creating their own reports about the Gingerbread Man's escape!
In R.E, we have been busy building our class tree for our new Christian value 'Live, learn and grow your roots through the love of God.'
It was an absolute pleasure to have the whole class at Forest School for the first time on Wednesday. The children loved exploring, building bridges, dens and climbing trees! Year 1 shared the important safety rules with Reception.
I have also included year 1 recapping their tool skills in previous weeks too!
Week 4 - Little Red Riding Hood
This week we have been looking at the story of Little Red Riding Hood.
On Monday we created our own finger puppets for the role play, thinking again about materials and which to use for each character. Can you guess the characters we made? It was quite tricky to cut the holes, we had to look and join materials carefully.
In English, Year 1 have been busy describing the main characters using role on the wall and including their adjectives within sentences. Reception used their senses to look, touch and hear the main characters in the story. They described the wolf's fur as 'soft' and 'hairy' they also said he was 'mean' and had 'sharp white teeth.' Year 1 then designed their own character for the story.
At Forest School we used ropes, sticks and ties to make traps for the Big Bad Wolf.
In UTW/Geography we went on a walk of our school grounds thinking about what we could see around our environment to draw onto a group map. We then labelled key landmarks such as the school building, church and park.
Week 5 - Jack and the Beanstalk
This week we had a visitor!
On Monday when we came into the classroom a beanstalk had magically grown! There were HUGE  footprints in the garden and the classroom was a complete mess! We had a look all around and found a letter from The Giant himself! He had climbed down the beanstalk chasing after Jack. He had lost his magic golden harp and golden eggs. He wondered if we could help look for them, we looked but we have not found them yet. He also asked us if we could help make some leaves to help him climb back up the beanstalk or design a tower. We thought carefully how to attach our towers together and how best to create new leaves.
Reception have been busy looking for and making signs for the giant and year 1 writing and responding to his letter.
At Forest School we worked together to lift wood and logs to make a gigantic beanstalk. We had to focus on talking to each other to ensure we lifted and dropped at the same time. Some of us even tried to make a vertical beanstalk by balancing wood, we had to be careful to ensure the logs did not fall.
In ICT with Miss Ella we learnt how to program bee bots to visit different places on our maps. We have been using 'left,' 'right,' 'forwards' and 'backwards.'
For the next two weeks we will continue to see if we can help the Giant, plant beans and delve deeper into the story!
We have loved celebrating harvest this week.
Thank you to everyone for their kind donations, we took these to the church on Wednesday ready to be taken to the food bank.
On Tuesday, half of us cooked vegetable soup using vegetables and fruits from the poly tunnel. We also made bread to share during our harvest service on Wednesday morning. We sang two harvest songs to Rev. Lauretta 'Seeds of friendship' and 'Down to the allotment.' She was very impressed. The other half of the class will cook in week 6 again using vegetables from the tunnel.
Week 6 and 7 - Jack and the Beanstalk
We have now completed our Long Whatton Vision tree. 'Live, learn and grow your roots in the love of God.' W thought carefully about the different things we were already good at and placed them at the bottom. We then thought about what we wanted to achieve and get better at and placed these on leaves at the top.
Once again the giant has been into class! He has visited four more times in the past two weeks! Again he has caused chaos and set us even more challenges! We were fed up of him destroying our classroom so the children decided to move his name onto red! He said he was hungry so we made him some banana sandwiches, he said he was sad that he had lost his harp so we made him a new one. One of the times he came to class he even replied to every letter we wrote - that way we found out more about him! We didn't know giants liked coffee! On the last day of term he left us a treasure hunt in the garden - the clues were very tricky! At the end of the treasure hunt he left us some chocolate golden eggs! 
At Forest School this fortnight we have been using our imagination to transform sticks into 'stickmen,' fishing rods, houses and lots more. We have also been making leaf necklaces and hangings.
In English we have been busy retelling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk using our talk for writing actions then writing it down.
In maths year 1 have been using part, part whole models to find missing numbers to 10 whilst reception have been busy completing challenges how many ways can they make 3, 4 and 5!
In science, we have been busy planting beans and learning about germination. We can't wait to watch our broad beans grow!
In history, we have been looking at Robin Hood. We found out that he lived in Sherwood Forest and was in fact a real person. Reception thought carefully about the similarities and differences between Robin Hood's day and modern day. They compared their dress, where people lived and what they used for transport. Year 1 wrote Robin Hood facts and located Sherwood on a map.
autumn 2 - Week 1
Spooky Week!
It has been a pleasure to have the Busy Bees back this week.
We started off with our 'Engage' for our new topic 'Enchanted Woodland' in the forest. We had to think carefully about what we could hear, touch, smell and see. The blindfolded woodland walk was a little scary but interesting! 
This week we have read 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson. We have been thinking about rhyme. Finding rhyming pairs and continuing rhyming strings in Reception to writing rhyming couplets and short poems in year one.
In maths, Reception have been thinking about grouping objects looking at their similarities and differences. Year one have been focusing on greater than and less then. 
We have been making pumpkin hedgehogs, threading spider webs, writing spooky words and making friends with Harold the giant spider in class.
In science, we have been studying trees. We have measured, drawn, written facts, collected rubbings and practised our scientific vocabulary. We have learn the words deciduous and evergreen and thought about what they mean.
We have loved thinking about seasonal changes too and been learning the words for the seasons in French. 
In R.E we made friendship postcards. We chose a partner who we felt we did not know that well and wanted to get to know better. We then got to know things that they liked to do and spoke about what we had in common. We then made friendship postcards to say why they were special. 
autumn 2 - Weeks 2,3 and 4
'We're going on a bear hunt'
Over the past three weeks we have been reading and using talk for writing to retell 'We're going on a bear hunt' by Michael Rosen. 
We started our first week by retelling the story using drama and a live experience! We walked through the wavy grass, through the cold river, through the oozy mum, through the dark forest, through the swirling snow storm and finally to the bears cave!