Class & Day Organisation

Class organisation

At the moment the school is divided into four Tribes. We have an EYFS tribe(Busy Bees) , a year 1/2 tribe (Shooting Stars) and a year 3/4 tribe (Flying Falcons) and a year 5/6 tribe (The Phoenix Tribe).
Children leave at 11 years old and move to a secondary school of your choice. Some children go to Castle Donington College or Iveshead in Shepshed but some go to Loughborough Grammar, Loughborough High School or Loughborough Amherst School.

Strong relationships exist between all the local primary schools and the college, but five of the primary schools have formed the BeSKilled Trust. We are a close family of schools who offer each other challenge and support in lots of different ways. Our pupils and staff are now working together very regularly.

Some children may have special educational needs whether in terms of academic support or because they are gifted and talented. We aim to meet their needs in a variety of ways including additional support, through extended and more challenging activities, through more and very able days and where appropriate with the help of outside agencies. 
'Vulnerable pupils blossom because they are in such a nurturing environment and receive excellent support which is tailored sensitively to their needs.' Ofsted
Mid-morning break

Milk is available for all children. This is free until the term after their fifth birthday, when it costs 15p per day. It is subsidised by the Local Authority. In addition, children may either bring a piece of fruit to eat at break time. We do not encourage the children to bring crisps or chocolate and we operate the Government's free fruit initiative whereby all Reception and Keystage 1 children have a piece of fruit each per day. 


A school meals service is available and a menu for the week is displayed in school. It is helpful to our secretary if meals can be paid for at the beginning of the week on Monday morning. There is a four week menu from which children should choose what they would like to eat. This and order forms are available form the office and the letter stand in the entrance foyer. The cost is currently £2-20 per day. Alternatively, children may bring sandwiches, but we do not allow cans and glass bottles. A teacher and three supervisory assistants are on duty throughout lunchtime. All children in EYFS and KS1 are entitled to a free school meal. It is important to still apply for free school meals if you feel you are entitled, as this generates important extra funding to support your child in school.