Sex Education

The Governing Body have decided to adopt the Sex & Relationship Policy which is common with all the feeder Primary Schools. Please contact the school for details of the programme.

Multi-Cultural Education

We recognise that we live in a multi-cultural society. We aim to help children become socially and culturally aware through stories, music and educational experiences in order to avoid future prejudice and discrimination. We promote the idea that difference and variety is a positive thing in any society. Racially offensive language and behaviour will always be challenged and the school makes an annual report to the Local Authority concerning any racially motivated incidents. The school is duty bound to challenge and if necessary report any form of extremism. We promote British values of democracy, fairness, compassion and the rights of individuals to worship as they please.

We believe that it is important that children learn how to win and lose with good grace and that the emotions and feelings experienced with each are an important part of emotional growth. We provide many opportunities for our children to compete, against each other and against other schools. We run a traditional sports day to which parents are invited to attend and during which the children compete in their houses for the impressive House Sports Cup!

Extra Curricular Activities

'They (the pupils) say there are ‘loads’ of clubs varying from choir and sewing to basketball, football and athletics.' Ofsted
We offer a wide selection of extra curricular activities which include singing, instruments (piano/recorders/handbells) and various PE Clubs such as, football, basketball, uni-hock, tag-rugby, games and puzzles club and Dungeons and dragons! We also offer a breakfast club from 8.00am each morning, during which the children have a healthy breakfast, have some light exercise and play games.
School Council

We have a School Council (Can-Do Committee) and issues are discussed on a regular basis. It is important that our children learn about the value and cost of democracy. Children from each year are elected by their class members to represent them on the School Council. Recent events to raise money for playground equipment include Film Nights and non-uniform days. We are in the process of facilitating the school councils across the BeSkilled Trust of primary schools to form a parliament (a bit like the EU, but without all the red tape), to enable them to raise common issues across all the schools and to look for joint solutions.