Medication & Health


We keep an individual record for all children containing medical and curriculum information. The record also contains telephone numbers where you can be contacted. Please make sure that this information is always up to date.


The school nurse is a regular visitor to school. If your child is due to have a medical, health check or dental screening you will be notified beforehand. Sometimes the school nurse will talk to the children about health related subjects, such as healthy eating.


At Long Whatton, staff are prepared to administer medicines to children. If your child needs a course of medicine, we will do our best to ensure that this is administered. All medicines must be clearly labelled with the name and dosage, and written permission must be provided by parents. Some children need longer term medication or need to carry an inhaler. Please discuss this with us so that we can make special arrangements. We will help in any way we can to ensure that your child's needs are met. We will always exercise a common sense approach in these matters.