• Mrs Sara Gray


Regulation 3 Special Educational Needs and Disibility (Information) Regulations (2014)
Headteacher: Mrs Sara Gray SENCO 
The kinds of special educational needs for which provision is made at Long Whatton CE Primary School:
Long Whatton CE Primary School caters for children with various special educational needs.
The School strives to be an inclusive school, fostering a sense of community and belonging through:
  • Personalised learning
  • Broad, balanced and creative curriculum for all pupils
  • Systems for early identification of barriers to learning
  • High expectations of all pupils
Information about the school’s policies for the identification and assessment of pupils with special educational needs:
We identify pupils with special educational needs through teacher’s observations and assessments, parental views and previous school information.
Evidence would come from
  • Assessments
  • Parental/carers interviews
  • Medical notes
  • Reports from other agencies
  • Individual pupil tracking
Teachers who have concerns about a pupil will alert the SENCO and parents/carers will be involved in assessment and decision making.
The school also keeps a 'Vulnerable' register, of those children in danger of not making expected progress for whatever reason, but are not on the register for SEND. These children are closely tracked.
Parents/carers are regularly updated on their child’s progress and new targets set. Parents are given any support they need in this process (eg. understanding technical terms).
The following facilities are available at this school:
  • Provision for special diets
  • A wide range of outdoor areas for lessons to take place outside
  • Wheelchair access
  • There is a disabled toilet and showering area
  • Disabled parking bay
Any arrangements made by the governing body or the proprietor relating to the treatment of complaints from parents and carers of pupils with special educational needs concerning the provision made at the setting:
Our school has an “Open door” policy and parents /carers are able to talk to staff at the end of the school day.
Governors become involved if complaints are made (see Complaints policy).
The contact details of support services for the parents and carers of pupils with special educational needs, including those for arrangements made in accordance with clause 32:
As a school we encourage and engage parents/carers in their child’s learning by holding information evenings and meeting with parents regularly.
We support parents/carers in liaising with any outside agencies that become involved with their child.
The school’s arrangements for supporting pupils with special educational needs in transferring to a new education phase:
Meetings are continually held to discuss pupils with special educational needs as they move through FS to year 6 at our school.
Where necessary, photographs of the new class and staff are taken to help children. Children move to Castle Donington College or their new school at year 6.
The SENCOs from both schools meet to pass information on.
Year 6 children have 2 days of induction at Castle Donington College and any children who need extra time at their new school are able to go for further visits, accompanied by a member of staff from Long Whatton. ​