Starting School & Security

Starting School

'Children (in the EYFS) settle quickly into the routines of school life because they are well cared for, safe and secure. Their days are filled with fun and excitement and this means that they make good progress in building skills and knowledge in all six areas of learning.
This is an important time for new children and for new parents so we aim to make the start of your child's time at school as welcoming and as easy as possible. Prospective parents and children are welcome to visit the school at any mutually convenient time but we also invite them to make several afternoon visits in the term prior to their first term, to get used to their new surroundings, meet new friends and of course their new teachers. We encourage parents to talk to the Class teacher informally as we believe it is important to have a close parent teacher partnership. The school maintains close links with the local playgroup. There will also be an informal evening meeting just for new parents, at which the Headteacher and teaching staff will be present. There is a short presentation about the sorts of things your children will be doing and plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

We ask parents of new entrants to fill in an admission form with information, which remains confidential. This is needed in case we need to contact you in the event of an emergency or illness. Please notify us of any change of telephone number as we need to keep information up to date.

We encourage children to come on scooters or bikes and use the top playground for cycle practice and exercise before and after school. For safety reasons cycling and scooting is not allowed on the car park at any time and cycles should be wheeled across to the playground. We have provided bike/scooter racks so that these can be stored safely.
Keeping Children Safe
We believe it is the responsibility of everyone to help keep our children safe. We aim to give children the skills and knowledge to make good decisions and to recognise when a situation has become unsafe. We provide a wide range of experiences that will allow children to learn about stranger danger, e safety, playing safely outside of school and what to do when they feel unsafe. We believe that parents have an important role to play in this vital piece of learning. Please discuss with your child the areas that we cover in school and reassure them that the first step in getting help if they feel unsafe for any reason, is to tell someone they trust. The school also has a crisis management plan which allows for the smooth evacuation of the school in the event of a major crisis. Our evacuation meeting point, should we need it,  is the Friendship Centre in the village.

We believe that in order to stay safe children need to learn to assess and manage the risks of everyday life. We provide an environment that enables children to explore and learn and lets them take calculated risks in safety. We teach our children about making good choices and that all choices have consequences. Expect your child to climb trees, to explore and try new things that will hopefully move them out of their comfort zone. They will come home quite grubby on some days - especially in the Busy Bees!

Your child's safety is our prime concern and we take this responsibility very seriously. We keep a record of accidents which occur and particularly in the case of a bump to the head, about which you will be notified. If we are at all concerned that your child may need a medical check we will contact parents immediately. If you receive a bumped head/accident note, please complete and return the reply slip.
School Security

The school and community buildings are fitted with an alarm system which is connected to Red Care which goes straight through to the police if activated.

There is a CCTV in the main entrance to school with an intercom in the office and the Headteachers office and the school is protected by several other CCTV cameras. Regular fire drills are carried out and electrical equipment is tested every six months. The Road Safety Officer comes into school to do road safety with all the children from Year 3 to Year 5 and there are two safety awareness officers in KS2. Cycling proficiency is carried out once a year with year 5 children. The safety and security of the children in school is constantly reviewed. Health & Security checks take place on a regular basis, and is on the agenda of each termly governors meeting. These policies are available in school. We have completed a project to make the boundaries of the school grounds much safer, with wooden fencing being erected at the end of of our Early Years area, around the car park and at the end of the school field. 'Staying Safe' is also an important part of our PHSE programme, which teaches children how to identify and deal with potential dangers. It is important too, that we do not remove all risk form our children's lives. In the safest way possible we want our children to learn to manage risk and to make sensible decisions for themselves. In this way we feel that we are preparing them for safer independence in the future.
Property on School Premises

The County Council cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to private property or personal belongings whilst on school premises. All items should be clearly named.