• Mrs Sara Gray

    Head Teacher

    DSL Lead
    Reading Lead

  • Dave Ball

    Office Manager

Busy Bees Tribe - Early Years

  • Mrs Emma Conway

    Class Teacher

    Food for Life Lead
    SNAG Lead
    Science Lead

Shooting Stars Tribe - Years 1 & 2

  • Miss Maia Hellawell

    Class Teacher

  • Mrs Gemma York

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

    Pupil Premium Champion
    Art Lead
    DT Lead

Lunchtime Supervisors

  • Christine Wright

  • Lorraine Bass

  • Penny Plummer

    Senior Teacher

    Deputy DSL
    Maths Lead
    P.E Lead

  • Alison Headly


The Flying Falcons - Years 3 & 4

  • Ms Penny Plummer

    Senior Teacher

    Maths Lead
    P.E Lead

  • Mrs Charlotte Mayfield

    Teaching Assistant

    Food for Life Deputy

The Phoenix Tribe - Year 5 and 6

  • Mr Andy Cotton

    Class Teacher

    Writing Lead
    History Lead
    Geography Lead

  • Ms Jill Ella

    Teaching Assistant

    Computing Lead