Long Whatton Church of England
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We hope you enjoy finding out about how we learn here at Long Whatton and about all the amazing things that we get up to.

We believe that childhood should be an adventure, during which every child should climb a tree, get to the top of a mountain, sharing the struggle and the view and spend at least one night under the stars.   

As well as making sure that our children learn to read,write and use numbers really well, which is very important, we want to ensure that children who come to Long Whatton become the rounded, proactive and caring citizens of tomorrow. We believe that children learn in different ways, and that sitting behind a desk may not always be the most appropriate (or most exciting) way to learn. We believe in fitness for purpose, and when planning our teachers think about the best way to help children to learn.

We are also a Forest School, which means we have developed our own woodland area which we use for all sorts of learning. In fact, other schools regularly come and share our little forest. It is in our forest that we do indeed, sleep under the stars!

We have a breakfast club which runs from 8.00am, and surprisingly for a school of our size, we have after school clubs on most nights that include even our youngest children. For the summer term we are running a Fun Builders Lego Club,a cricket club, the Crazy Wheels biking club, the little spiders climbing club and a rambling club.

We are a small, family orientated school, with a genuine open door policy. We welcome our parents into school in the morning and at the end of the day to see what’s happening and to talk with staff or myself. We are always pleased to see you.

Simon Perkins


2009 Report
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