Art and Design

A Long Whatton artist is engaged, inspired and challenged through their creative work. They have the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create original works of art, craft and design using traditional and modern artistic techniques.
They communicate their thoughts, ideas and observations in practical and expressive ways and are empowered to use art as a visual language to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings and therefore removing barriers associated with written communication. They talk about art and the work of artists using subject-specific vocabulary and are able to evaluate their own and others’ work with respect and compassion.
A Long Whatton artist is inquisitive and experiments with materials, tools and techniques to create different tones, patterns and effects within their work. They develop and master a variety of skills over time, utilising these to create both individual and collaborative pieces.
They are knowledgeable about famous and local artists, craft makers, architects, photographers and designers and articulate their preferences and opinions using their understanding of artistic techniques and approaches. A Ling Whatton artist takes inspiration from their own locality, their learning across the curriculum and the wider world to shape small and large-scale projects, developing an interest and understanding of the history and culture of different art forms.