At Long Whatton we believe that learning to converse in a foreign language is an essential part of being a respectful member of a multi-cultural society and provides our learners with the opportunity to learn about the language and culture of another country in depth and over time. Learning French enables our learners to express their ideas and thoughts in another language and to converse with and understand French speakers, both in speech and in writing.
A Long Whatton linguist is excited by language, they demonstrate courage in speaking in a language which is not their own and perseverance in writing and reading French. Our relevant, broad, vibrant and ambitious foreign languages curriculum inspires and excites learners through developing language around a theme across a whole-school year. The curriculum provides opportunities for learners to demonstrate their learning through engaging in real-life opportunities to speak and listen in French. 
Throughout their time at Long Whatton learners are equipped with the foundations for learning French in secondary school as well as equipping learners with the skills and compassion required for a successful future within a global community.