A Long Whatton Geographer is inquisitive about the world around them. They have a developed sense of responsibility for the planet and its citizens. They appreciate the challenges we face as a global community and understand that the decisions they make can, and will, affect the future of our world for generations to come.
A Long Whatton Geographer respects their physical environment and is curious about the different cultures that exist within it. They wonder about the world around them and have a developed sense of place, knowing where they are within the immediate locality, the country, the continent and the world.
A Long Whatton Geographer learns through action, having developed the fieldwork and research skills to investigate their place and embracing the opportunity to lead their learning through the application of their geographical skills in both the local area and further afield. They regularly take part in field activities, collaboration with experts and visitors and make effective use of technology, to learn more about the wider world from their classroom. A Long Whatton geographer has the vocabulary to communicate geographically, expressing their ideas and thinking accurately and with precision. They access a curriculum which supports them in developing spiritually, orally, intellectually, emotionally, culturally and socially.