Physical Education

A Long Whatton athlete gives everything a go. They have the courage to step outside their comfort zone and rise to every challenge they are presented with. They have enthusiasm and passion for PE and Sport and participate fully in the wide range of experiences offered to them. They are inspired to realise their possibilities and develop a lifelong love of participating in physical activity and sport.
A Long Whatton athlete understands that perseverance and determination leads to improvement, no matter what the starting point. They experience high-quality instruction, which is inclusive and supports all to develop the fundamental movement skills of agility, balance and coordination, enabling all to become proficient in applying these skills to a broad range of sports and situations. Through learning PE in this way, a Long Whatton athlete is physically confident and has the ability to sustain physical activity for long periods of time. They recognise the important role which exercise and sport plays in good physical and mental health and value their learning in PE as a result.
Learners achieve, improve and compete against themselves and others during their time at Long Whatton and as a result they experience success and setbacks, seeing the later as an opportunity for learning and improvement.
Knowledge and Progression in P.E