Religious Education

At Long Whatton, Religious Education forms part of our core curriculum and benefits from subject-specific teaching throughout Early Years, key stage 1 and key stage 2. Through studying Religious Education, we open doors to understanding and appreciating the richness of our diverse world. We master the theological skills of making sense, understanding impact and making connections to enrich our personal understanding of world religions and our own spirituality. As a Church school, RE has a vital role in developing and deepening pupils understanding of Christianity, in all its forms, and fostering appreciation and understanding of other world faiths and traditions.
A Long Whatton Theologian is open-minded, they are well informed as a result of experiencing a balanced and inclusive curriculum which promotes a deep understanding of the beliefs, values, practices and ways of life across a range of UK religions.
A Long Whatton Theologian rejoices in learning about Christianity as a living world-faith, alongside the religious beliefs of those around them. They understand and celebrate the rich diversity and cultures of our world. They make connections and seek to promote a sense of togetherness which values the beliefs of all people, they encourage community and are a friend to all.
A Long Whatton Theologian asks life’s big questions and have a genuine thirst for understanding and in turn take time to personally and critically reflect upon their own religious, spiritual and philosophical convictions and faith. They appreciate and value the beliefs and opinions of others; they disagree well, affording dignity and respect to all. They build the foundation for positive participation in God’s community for life.
R.E Curriculum
Our Long term plan for R.E consists of an amalgimation of two schemes of work. These are, Understanding Christianity and Leicestershire agreed syllabus for R.E.