Sports Funding

Sports Funding
At Long Whatton CE Primary School we aim to support the development of the whole child. Being able to make healthy life choices and to enjoy the benefits of being fit, help to underpin success in many areas of adult life. The school has an established tradition of providing a wide range of challenging and engaging activities, both in and out of school, that help to switch children on to being active. We encourage our children to try new things, to take a risk and to understand the benefits and rewards of physical effort. We also teach our children that competition is important, and that in life there are times when you must compete. Our children learn to win and lose with grace, and to appreciate the achievements of others.

With additional funding provided, we can enhance core PE provision through the use of coaches, but more importantly we can strengthen and broaden the range of outdoor and extra-curricular challenges and experiences. Links with the local climbing wall have already been established and it is the intention that children will become engaged in such sports as a result of enjoying school time sessions as part of their PE programme.
We employ a sports coach for one day per week to ensure the very best teaching in PE. Our sports coach also leads our 'Wakey Shakey' in the morning which gets all of our children ready for the day ahead!
We can also ensure that our newly developed forest becomes an outstanding setting for learning, and that we offer an engaging Forest School Programme not just to our own, but to children in schools without such exciting facilities.

We belong to the BeSkilled Trust and through this our children have access to range of competitive sports such as athletics, gymnastics, tennis, golf, swimming, football, cricket and cross country.
We also run the Daily Mile at the end of lunchtime and children are keen to beat their previous lap score over the week!

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Swimming at Long Whatton C of E Primary School

Frequency - 9 week block - 9 lessons over the acdemic year

For EYFS-Year 6


Can swim 25m

Can’t swim 25m


14 87.5%

2 12.5%

No swimming in 2019 and 2020 due to Covid restrictions




14  82 %

3  18 %




6 55%

 5 45%